This service component includes assembly of PCBs and electronic modules using SMD as well as conventional methods. We are capable of producing both RoHS compliant and leaded technology electronic modules. Appropriate storage of these components goes without saying for us.

Our SMD production comprises single and double-sided assembly of PC boards in rigid or rigid-Flex technology, using reflow-, vapour phase- and/or wave-soldering. The SMD system assembles a range of components from 0201 chips to QFPs with dimensions of 50x50mm and a pitch of down to a minimum of 0.3mm. Furthermore, we process BGAs, FBGAs, µBGAs and CSPs with a pitch of down to a minimum of 0.3mm as well. A vapour-phase soldering system, filled with 230°C galden, is at our disposal for high mix electronic modules. All reflow soldering processes are carefully profiled on our premises to guarantee gentle processing of modules and to reduce thermal stresses to a minimum.

Technical data of production and inventory (excerpt) 

Employees in electronic module production: 15

Different manufactured product groups per year: 700

Different processed components: 20000

Components: µBGA, TSOP, 0201 to QFP 50 x 50 mm, 0.3 mm pitch, BQFP, CSP, SOLIC; 

Maximum size of PCB: THT 460 x 330 mm, SMD 410 x 360 mm;

Capacity per month: 1.0 million wired components, 12.0 million SMD components

Preparation of materials: various cutting and bending machines for preparation of axial, radial and beaded components


Dispenser Machine of the brand Champion

Semi-automatic paste printer of the brand Ekra E1

Fully automated paste printer – Dek Horizon03i with 2D+ Vision System

5 SMD machines of brand Juki: KE3010AL, KE3020VAL, KE2060, KE2050, FM750

2 Reflow ovens of brand SMT 1.7 TC and SMT 300

1 vapour-phase soldering system IBL SLC 504, filled with 230°C galden


3 semi-automatic assembly tables of brand Royonic

1 Ersa EWS 330 double wave soldering system for leaded applications

1 ATF 33 double wave soldering system for lead-free applications

Assembly: 6 assembly workplaces

Optical control:

1 object comparator

1 microscope Vision Mantis

1 microscope Vision Lynx

1 AOI system Vantage S22 Orbotech

Testing devices:

3 in-circuit-testers

4 burn-in climatic chambers

Various programming systems for logic blocks

12 test and repair stations – equipped with mains adapters, oscilloscopes, function generators, test computers etc.

Rework station for BGA and µBGA

Storage unit:

Drying storage cabinet for components sensitive to humidity (air humidity less than 2%)

All testing and measuring devices are calibrated regularly.