The all-rounder: The smart lamps LED underwater spotlight VarioLine

Experience light in its most beautiful expression and allow yourself to be charmed by atmospheric illumination under water. Whether white, blue or RGB with colour variation – smart lamps underwater lights of the VarioLine series turn your swimming pool into a true eye-catcher. Due to its flat design the lamp is also perfectly suitable for assembly in swimming ponds

All advantages of the smart lamps underwater spotlight – VarioLine:

  • LED luminous flux of up to 2000 lumens (white 6000K)
  • State of the art LED technology
  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient
  • Very flat design
  • No UV radiation
  • Broad illumination through a radiation angle of 160 degrees
  • 100 % waterproof
  • Retrofitting sets for nearly all currently available mounting niches
  • Simple assembly
  • Extremely resistant and robust casing made of heat conducting polymer / polycarbonate
  • Electronic temperature control
  • Optimal water circulation through a specially designed cover plate providing ideal cooling
  • 24 month warranty
  • Power: max. 24 Watts at 24V
  • Quality Made in Germany